Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Joey Juiceneck, Wacom

Michael Liuzzi

The greatest and the most talented matte painter to come out of Expression College for Digital Arts. The funny thing is, that school does not teach matte painting at all.

I miss that guy.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Customer Service Complaint #1

Our first official complaint, served on a cold lonely platter from our supervisor. YAY!! Enjoy.

"A bunch of shit came together in my head. It was a sandstorm. I was
tired. I was excluded via audio engineer/emeryville/people I don't
know conversation and started noticing things. Like a general lack of
substance - It was all noise.
Not verbatim, but let me give you an example of what it sounded like to me:
oh shit the berries!
it's berrytastic!
I'll juggle your berries
Blue berries!
bow wow chicka bowa
ay ay!
oh flowers
I'll flower your ass
petals and all
oh yea he said 'petals in your ass'!
up the ass
Speaking of pedals, I bought this crazy seven string double drop tuned
violin that I plugged into my drums and attached a trumpet to it

you know what I mean at all? And then when graham and jay started a verbal drum circle I'd had enough. Sorry if this is bitchy. I do like
your friends I just wasn't vibing and wanted to avoid a panic attack
so I left. I figured I'd stay and take the bus with you but then
realized the walk to the bus would be the same as the dinner
conversation and I couldn't take any more.

I think I'm ok now. Maybe it was a summer thing. Maybe it was the dim lighting. I was losing it while waiting for my cake and then the cake didn't help."

Oh those pretend friends. .. We find it hard to see those high fives in the dark.


Graham and J

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

High Heels Engages Eyes High

I used to think that high heels were extremely uncomfortable because they look uncomfortable for those who wore them. However, I finally noticed that they do more than provide pain for those fashionable masochists. They engage the beautiful forms that makes up the human figure. First they engage the calf muscles, then the leg muscles, then the gluteus maximus, then it arches the lower lumbar, which then causes the chest to stick out at attention, accentuating the clavicle, straightening the neck, chin high and then finally it engages the eyes of the onlooker of the opposite or same sex. Ahhhh... I can hear those trouser trumpets now, blaring with brassy overtones of joy.