Monday, June 25, 2007

Pumpkin Filled Angst from a Bed of Stye

My last few days at Resident were fun and intense. It consisted of enduring long hours spanning over 3 days, getting Wii'd and finding myself on that Red Bull & cigarettes binge. I felt like I was back in the Bay Area. As stressful as it was, it was kind of soothing. I felt comfort and the warm blanket of being in the zone. Actually, now that I think about it, it was probably the humidity. How dreadful.
On a brighter note, someone played Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins. I haven’t heard that in years. It reminded me of middle school. On my last night there, Mr. West invited us to the screening and after party of his new music video. We were late and missed the screening, but we were there for the open bar and food. It was yummy.

Over the weekend I had bad case of the STYE. The lower eyelid glands were infected by a dirty finger and it caused my lower eyelid to swell until it blinded the left eyeball. I woke up Saturday morning with one swollen eyelid and so with the one good eye I spent a couple of hours on a digital highway filled with super-information for some super home remedies. As I laid there in bed with a hot compress and hot tea bags the swelling of the eyelid went down with the sun. By dusk I was able to see again with both eyeballs at the same time. I better take good care of these organs or else my career as an artist will soon come to an end.

Today I started my new gig over at MoonDog Edit & Design. I will be working on two commercials, one for Belvedere vodka and one for Calvin Klein. Today all I did was model a desert terrain which was pretty fun with the new and improved soft mod tool in Maya 8.5 which made the job a lot easier and fun. Eventually, I will get to composite in Shake. YAY for NODES! They also have Flame there, so I hope to continue my learning of that application during my time at MoonDog. The interview for this job went well. They liked my reel and said they’d like to keep me until the middle of August, and they’re willing to work around my schedule in case I get booked for another gig, which is really nice of them.

Graham is finishing up his gig over at MTV and has an interview at MoonDog sometime this week. So Graham and I will be working together again soon. It will be like old times again. YAY!


Telene said...

you better take care of your organs, or your white sf mom will come and force you to wash those dirty digits.

simplest way to avoid a stye:
clean hands! ^.^

big hugs*~

inkhed said...

ha ha