Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One Moon One Eye

Yesterday the clouds were especially dynamic. Right before the night invaded the day it started to pour as we smoked our hand rolled dried tobacco in the sea of confused tourists. As we stood there in the middle of this carnival we couldn’t help but notice the contrast of ugly new buildings towering over the old beautiful architecture. It reminded me of Transmetropolitan. I could see how it would make Spider Jerusalem sick to his stomach. Where is our Pepsi Perfect and Mattel Hoverboards??

Stand clear of the closing doors urban cowboy! First stop, uptown to Mister Patrick’s sixth floor metal balcony for escaping fires and/or escaping from thievery acts. Is there such a thing as a cat burglar? Is it a lost art? There we were greeted with warm friendly hugs and a delicious bowl of pasta with small adorably delicious tomatoes, complimented with bits of feta cheese. Thank you Ms Caterina, that was yummy. After that authentic and wonderful Italian meal we smoke many cigarettes on the metal balcony, my favorite part of New York City. While on the metal balcony we found a long lost pack of Parliament Lights with the help of a friendly and talented Serbian. Thankfully they were not ignored, but smoked and appreciated. We eventually crawled our way back in from the metal balcony and into a screening of really well done Production One film. It was an excellent film, a great idea with good lighting and nice music.

Next stop, The Burg of Williams. We met up with an old college chum who also journeyed out here from the Land of Oaks. He showed us this place called the Alligator Lounge. For every beer you drink you get a free pie! What a great deal. Wait! This goes on everyday?!?! Outstanding! He was hanging out with an old college professor from our school, who happens to be a fellow New Yorker herself. We had a great time talking about music, especially about John Zorn, Fred Frith, Carla Kihlstedt, William Winant and Alarm Will Sound. Our days here over by the Atlantic just get better and better.

Afterwards we walked around the neighborhood and we soon came to a decision that this is the Burg where we will finalize our long awaited transplant from the Land of Oaks.

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jjutt said...

i dont know what the hell your talking about but i wish i was there to find out.